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Live Band Benefits

  • The best live entertainment provides energy and engagement to keep the dance floor full.


  • There is so much effort and expenses incurred into perfecting the visual aspects of a celebration, but the main thing you and all guests will be talking about in years to come is the live entertainment and how much of a great time you had.​


  • Live music of high standard will create the atmosphere and stir the emotions. There is nothing like seeing the bouzouki player and the singers connecting with the crowd and performing. It will turn your event into something unforgettable and exciting.

  • Great live entertainment is one that is flexible. After years of studying our craft and countless performances, we read the crowd and adjust our performance and song selections.

  • Our philosophy is that the most successful events occur when dancing time is maximised, formalities are kept to a minimum and completed in the early part of the function. With the right planning and master of ceremony running your function, you can still get everything you want. 

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