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About Us

Rythmos Band is a six piece live band with male and female vocalists. We specialise in Greek, English and Italian music and are available for all occasions with packages available to include master of ceremonies and a professional accompanying DJ. Our repertoire is a uniquely entertaining fusion of the latest hits from Greece and of all-time favourite classics. Given our broad range of English, Italian and Latin, we are able to cater for mixed cultural functions.

Rythmos Band has extensive experience in the musical entertainment industry. We provide clients with first class musicianship, professionalism and unsurpassed coordination for an elegant and unique event.

Fotis Nalbandidis

Having grown up in a musical family with his father playing in a Greek band in the 60’s and 70's, Foti took to singing Greek music from a very early age.
Foti has been involved in singing in a large variety of Melbourne venues, clubs, & adding to his wealth of experience. Fotis' primary passion is for the style of Greek music, Laiko. In addition to that, his repertoire also encompasses all styles and variations of Greek music.
As Greek music is Fotis' genuine passion and love, it is truly reflected in his voice, enthusiasm and large stage presence.

Maria Diakonidis

Born to a family of entertainers Maria was sure of her dream at the tender age of 3.

At age 8 she began piano lessons and later ballet, however her passion has always been singing.


Throughout school she performed in the choir, concerts and theatre productions. , singing the likes of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. She later rediscovered her passion for Greek music.

At age 21 she began her music career in the Melbourne music scene, which has been her platform for growth in live experience and stage presence.

Theo Kavouris

Theo was born into a musical family as his father is a keyboard player/music teacher and was prominent in the Greek music industry across Australia.


At the age of 15, Theo began his bouzouki journey and played alongside his teacher and mentor Vangelis Hoholis and his father Takis Kavouris. Being raised in the industry from a young age, Theo has a firm understanding and vision of how Rythmos Band can make a function or event successful.

Con Sahinis

Con is a singer/guitarist that has played music professionally for many years, achieving an Advanced Diploma of Music at NMIT.


Con has the ability to sing in English, Italian and Latin and has toured extensively throughout Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia and Greece performing with a broad array of artists. All his experience ensures that Con has a passion that drives Rythmos Band to a standard of excellence.

Paul Loupetis

Paul has been playing drums from 12 years of age. After driving his parents crazy banging pots and pans, they gave in and sent him for some clearly needed drums lessons under various local teachers including; Brenton Muay, Robi Corelli, Sam Aliano and Frank Corniola to name a few.


After completing his Diploma in Music Performance, he played in numerous jazz & funk bands until given the opportunity to play for over a decade with some well respected Greek/Italian wedding bands.
Paul's drumming enhances the positive energy and dynamic musicianship of the group.

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